What is Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software

With a humongous amount of information within businesses as well as an immense requirement of efficient data analysis, the concept has been drafted by the term ‘Business Intelligence’. It provides historical, present-day, and even predictive analytical results for relevant business operations. This requires dealing with a large amount of data (big data) for which top Technical giants have been focussing on developing Business Intelligence Software. Let’s look at what that is and necessary things to know about it.

What is Business Intelligence Software?

Business Intelligence Software is a platform consisting of a defined set of tools utilized by companies to retrieve, analyze, and manipulate data into insightful business operations. Such a set of Business Intelligence Tools include data warehousing, data visualization, reporting, and dashboards. With the coming up of Big Data, BI tools and Software are taking precedence. This has led to the generation, tracking, and compilation of business data at a scale never encountered before. So, what’s better than using this data to encourage business benefits?

Let’s take a small example of an eCommerce business. The business attracts users to its platform and records their patterns of clicks, likes, favourites, preferences, backtracks, and so on. When that data is studied in detail through Big Data analytics operations with the help of relevant Business Intelligence tools, the company can recognize what the user likes and thereby increase sales through personalized viewing of products.


This kind of effective utilization of Business Intelligence Software is what makes it that much popular for studying patterns and market trends while predicting future possibilities.

Benefits Applications of Business Intelligence System

You must have often heard someone saying, ‘Work Smarter and not Harder’. That saying fits the Business Intelligence term to the ‘T’. But how beneficial these Business Intelligence systems are for you, let’s have a brief look at the application areas.

  1. You will be able to get valuable business insights upon detailed analytics
  2. You will be able to get selective data visualization through descriptive models for easier understanding and summarizing of trends
  3. You will be able to study underlying patterns and grasp onto upcoming trends to ensure no important opportunity is missed
  4. You will be able to set a benchmark for productivity, revenue, and even total success rate based on a set of operations being followed
  5. You will be regularly able to track the performance of your business in the market and manipulate your core business functions accordingly
  6. You will be able to twist your functionalities to derive maximum sales and thereby profit through proper BI system utilization
  7. You will be able to prioritize tasks to a greater level while shifting inconsequential tasks to the side and utilizing time efficiently by trimming huge tasks
  8. You will be able to eliminate unnecessary and dangerous guesswork and focus on facts and figures
  9. You will be able to effectively manage inventory as well

With all the above benefits and applications of business intelligence, there is one that sets you apart, which is a definite competitive edge over others due to the use of Business Intelligent Systems.

Business Intelligence Technologies

1. Data Warehousing

This can be used in combination with reporting software where data from a long past can be retrieved easily. Data warehousing can be used to integrate data from different repositories creating a central one.

2. Dashboards

This is crucial for any business intelligence system intending to summarize key trends, comparisons, exceptions, performance charts, etc.

4. Ad Hoc Reporting

A need-to-know-based reporting that answers specific questions through analysis while enabling easier collaboration, better interactivity and flexibility, user agility, and easy access.

4. Data Discovery

This is a necessary pattern-finding tool that relates and compares exceptional data in large databases to extract information, patterns, outliners, associations, and correlations.

5. Cloud Data Services

This means you can access enterprise resources, data sources, IT resources, marketing automation, customer relationship, etc. including accessing all that anytime from anywhere in the world.


These business intelligence technologies combined with applications and tools of business intelligence paves the way to a remarkable future for business investing in them. We, at Interwork, have a team of profound professionals who have vast experience in the field and can guide you into making the right choice for your business. The team of experts would be able to shortlist the best business intelligence software that will suit all your business needs after analyzing the business bandwidth and requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out more and take a step up the corporate ladder.