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Drive digital transformation across various levels- sourcing, manufacturing, operations  and customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t spare Aerospace and Defence. There’s a lot of change going on in the market, industry priorities are changing, and customer expectations are growing, so the industry needs to adapt. Organisations need to change to survive beyond the immediate future.

The digital revolution is transforming the industry. Creating value from untapped data is key to building a thriving ecosystem, and growing top-line revenue means offering aftermarket digital services. Interwork led research and technology innovation for Aerospace and Defence clients.

With the converged physical and digital worlds, Interwork provides actionable intelligence to help industrial systems design, manufacture and maintain their systems better. If you want to transform your business or innovate a product, we’re here to help.

With our deep industry expertise and new exponential technologies like AI, IOT / OT, Hybrid Cloud, and Blockchain, we’ll help you lead your Aerospace and Defence organisation forward.

What makes us unique?

Services for Aerospace Software Development

Aviation Software Solutions

The software tools provided by our software development company can be used for a variety of purposes. Our software applications allow you to develop and deploy aircraft efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the use of agile methodologies in the management of aerospace software development projects is enabled by our cloud-based architecture.

Engineering Software Solutions

It is essential to develop custom tools in aerospace engineering, such as analyzing materials' strength, designing cabins and interiors, and developing onboard systems. Moreover, cloud support plays a key role in developing aerospace engineering applications. We have assisted our clients with improved coordination between the different divisions of their aircraft engineering teams through our aftermarket services and customer service.

Flight Operation and Scheduling Software

As a leading provider of engineering applications, our company helps engineers to perform critical tasks more efficiently while using high-level object-oriented programming languages. Software development is one of our areas of expertise, and we specialize in aviation and defence software development.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Currently, much of the technology trend involves the automation of processes. Automated systems can be created using a range of technologies. Our expertise lies in IoT, machine learning algorithms, and autonomous flight systems. We also offer robust defense mobility solutions that are second to none.

Make Sure Your Aerospace and Defence Business Runs Smoothly

Our integrated solutions cover every business process across all industries so that you can grow your connected business.

Human Resources

Enhance your business results, develop talent, and empower your employees by streamlining your human resources procedures.


Take advantage of real-time analytics to better understand your organisation's financial processes.

Procurement and Networks

Reduce the costs and compliance risks associated with your organisation's procurement processes.


Ensure you're analysing, predicting, processing complex events in depth, and integrating data from different sources.

Database and Data Management

Invest in business applications that take advantage of the latest tech - smartphones, etc.

Application Development and Integration

Develop intelligent edge applications using business and technology services at high speed.

The Go-To Solutions for Aerospace and Defence

We assist Aerospace and Defence companies in rethinking every aspect of their operations. We help them attract, train, and retain the best talent and increase customer engagement and profit margins.

Investing in Human Capital

Enable your HR departments to better serve your employees by empowering them and engaging them on the path to health, wealth, and career success.

Manage your customer's experience

Human-centric customer experiences across all channels are delivered through people, processes, and technology.

Services for Casualty Claims

A technology-driven approach to cost containment and clinical services for workers' compensation and auto accidents.

Procurement, accounting, and finance solutions

We can save you money through process optimization, cost reduction, advanced technologies, and specialised expertise.

Compliance and Legal Solutions

A proactive and intelligent approach is required to manage and navigate an environment that is rapidly changing in terms of legal and regulatory requirements.

Document automation solutions

Delivers end-to-end services for capturing, analyzing, and processing mission-critical communications, both digital and paper.

Processes Involved in Aerospace Engineering


ER&D (Engineering, Research, and Development)

Our global resource pool allows us to offer our customers complex engineering programs and specialist domain services throughout the entire product realisation process, including shared services.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Our product development expertise helps our clients manage change, drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and save time by standardising, streamlining, and automating processes.


Connected Enterprise IT (CEIT)

With experience in product development and manufacturing, we can align the enterprise-wide Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 to enable the digitalization of modern manufacturing.

Why Choosing Us Is the Wise Move?


We have in-house defence technology experts who have worked with defence companies and assisted organisations in the digital revolution.

A pioneering spirit

We use Artificial Intelligence, IoT, blockchain, and many other modern Java technologies to maximise your product's accuracy and effectiveness.


The solutions we provide will help you accelerate the pace of development for a long time.

High standards

Our aerospace consulting strategies use potent tools and global best practices to boost employee performance and deliver products that meet customer needs.


As part of our defence organisational transformation services, we've added new product lines, restructured defence organisations, and improved existing defence organisations.


We keep our clients up-to-date with current client needs. Many companies have used our business models to identify gaps in their products, understand client needs, and meet them first.

Contact us if you are seeking a team of tech experts with experience working with defence companies. We will discuss your challenges and what you are looking for and create a budget-friendly solution that meets your objectives.

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