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Specific rules have traditionally governed the supply chain.
An integrated digital supply chain network can help increase profitability and growth when times are tough. Leaders in the supply chain face continuous disruption at the same time.

By enabling companies to simplify their lives, orchestrate change, and positively influence business, society, and the environment, Interwork simplifies their supply chain networks. Our team at Interwork assists companies in making their supply chains future-proof by balancing the needs of customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders, driving profitable growth, and conducting business correctly.

On the flip side, third-party logistics providers have difficulty tracking shipments across the supply chain in real-time due to different modes of transportation. When customers fail to comply with their commitment, they become unhappy, and revenue is lost.

Our track & trace solution allows logistics service providers and their customers to track shipments across multiple systems. Using data from WMSs, TMSs, ERPs, etc., it provides real-time location insights and condition-based monitoring. Our artificial intelligence-powered solution includes trend analysis and sends alerts and notifications to facilitate effective communication, improve customer service, and deliver tangible results.

The solution

One-stop digital procurement

We provide holistic sourcing, process, and people solutions to provide a technology-based spend management solution.

Managing cognitive assets

We at Interwork help manufacturers with capital-intensive machines simulate maintenance risk and reallocate resources to make better decisions.

Using an electronic laboratory notebook

Our lab digitization services reduce cycle times and costs by 25%, support regulatory compliance, and accelerate lab digitization initiatives.

Using cloud ERP in agile enterprises

We help companies ultimately move to cloud-based ERP systems from legacy to non-supported ERP systems. With Cloud ERP, the product's always up-to-date, so you don't need to upgrade often.

How do we do it?


Artificial Intelligence

We transform data-driven decision-making across supply chains via artificial intelligence, big data, and intelligent automation.


The cloud

With custom cloud services and solutions, your supply chain can innovate and be more productive.


The ecosystem

Navigate a complicated ecosystem of partners across your supply chain networks to transform your company's digital core.



We let you make your products and how you improve them by combining data and digital.



Invest in building sustainable value chains that benefit businesses, society, and the environment.

A three-component view of cargo and supply chains

We specialize in logistics management, cargo tracking, and supply chain visibility. Our cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility services will give you a minimum ROI of 150%. Our tracking system lets you track everything on land, sea, and air, and tracking and monitoring all shipments worldwide.

Using device-based monitoring

The cargo is equipped with a monitoring device at the point of loading that collects information during transport, and real-time data is sent to the analytics platform. All humidity, temperature, light, shock, and light can be measured with a humidity meter, temperature meter, light meter, and GPS. Our devices are the best in their class, with over 99.5% reliability.

Data analysis and alerts

A disruption notification with actionable information is sent to clients. Interwork's data analytics platform uncovers logistics inefficiencies and blind spots by delivering in-depth analytics and visualizations.

Globally operating devices

Interwork's operations team handles everything from device logistics, repositioning, maintenance, and repairs to client support and project setups, so you don't have to worry. Our global operations team makes sure your project runs smoothly, starting with training and continuing with periodic reviews.

Digital supply chain capabilities at Interwork

A bionic supply chain gives us real-time visibility into their supply chains. Our team can optimize supply chain operations and offer advanced supply chain solutions using cutting-edge technologies (like blockchain, big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence).

AI simulations and forecasts

Interwork's digital supply chain consultants help clients plan their supply chains with artificial intelligence. We help our clients forecast demand, plan operations, and allocate volume across assets using AI. Companies can build rigorous models using these scenarios to optimize assets, including maintenance plans and inventory levels, rather than relying on general guidelines.

An Agile Cross-Functional Team

At Interwork, we believe people are the key to digital supply chain consulting. Our digital supply chain solutions are developed by enabling cross-functional collaboration within our clients' teams. We can move faster, break down silos, deploy pilots and solutions faster, and create value more quickly with agility. Employees can also be aligned around standardized KPIs, so they're working towards one goal, like improving customer service.

A digital twin

Digital twins are also a great way to transform supply chains. They simulate supply chain performance with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. We build models replicating production, supply, finishing, and warehousing assets, and it tells you what areas are volatile, uncertain, and risky, as well as what areas you should optimize. A digital twin can reduce idle time and delivery delays by 80%. Interwork's supply chain experts have reduced sustainable inventory by 5% and capital expenditures by 10% using digital twins.

Why Interwork?

Managing business processes from planning to delivering is easy with Digital Supply Chain. Apart from that, Interwork offers top-notch cloud-based solutions like analytics, insights, real-time visibility, benchmarking, and maturity assessments.


Better communication and connections

Our technology helps you run a global supply chain. Interwork lets you organize all your processes, orders, invoices, and conversations. The user can update their information, access their data, and track their orders easily with all their info in one place. With Interwork, your supply chain is resilient and ready for disruptions in the future.


Innovative technological solutions

Interwork’s AI solution takes over time-consuming, tedious tasks so your team can focus on relationships and strategic planning. Our AI solutions give you complete control over how much they’re integrated into your processes.

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