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Although blockchain has changed how people live and work, it is not the end. Our team can assist you in implementing this technology into your organization so that you can accelerate your transformation in a way that is efficient and effective. To enforce our blockchain innovation practically, we first understand your specific requirements. The conversation continues, and new opportunities emerge over time.

We are the leading independent technology organization that brings together alliances, partnerships, and leaders from the blockchain ecosystem. Our approach aims to create a unique infrastructure, challenges, and strategic vision with the right capabilities to address your unique challenges.

We offer our clients comprehensive blockchain exploration and customized solutions that fully address their business objectives through architecture, digital design, and development. Interwork’s blockchain solutions provide our clients with market-ready solutions that address real business problems.

Blockchain: What can it do for you?

Businesses and business processes can benefit from blockchain technology as it can be viewed as an enabler and a security apparatus. Using our blockchain experts, you can build a blockchain strategy that meets your business objectives, regulatory requirements, and ease of use requirements.

Let us design, build, and implement your blockchain project
You can rely on Interwork’s team of dedicated domain experts, blockchain enthusiasts, design experts, developers, testers, and deployment experts for assistance in navigating your blockchain journey.

Whatever stage you’re in, whether you’re just getting started or already in production, we help you identify benefits and challenges, build use cases, and implement them. During that process, we engage stakeholders across the organization, such as the business, information technology infrastructure, security, and legal departments, to develop production-ready solutions.

Our specialties include blockchain, decentralized applications, and smart contracts so that we can assist you with:-

What makes our IoT solutions a good choice?

The IoT Services we offer cover the entire spectrum of IoT with the following stages:

Keep it safe

The blockchain makes transactions more secure than traditional bookkeeping. There has to be an agreement before a transaction can be recorded, and once that's done, an encryption check is performed and the transaction is linked to the preceding transaction.

Quick and easy

When you work in a complex supply chain, you know how hard it can be to track products. Using blockchain, you can track where a product came from, where it stopped, and how it got there.


Tracing products back to their source can be hard when you work in a complex supply chain. You get an audit trail when you use a blockchain platform to track a product's origins and stops.


Blockchain lets all network participants access the same documents instead of keeping copies. You can only update a shared version through consensus, which means everyone has to agree. Transparency is made possible by making any tiny change impact all subsequent records.

Our expertise in Blockchain Development

Blockchain consulting

Our work includes helping businesses figure out if blockchain can add value to their business and what benefits it can provide. As part of our blockchain-based solutions, we can help you with crypto wallets, shared ledgers, blockchain transactions, smart contracts, ICOs, Ethereum apps, and digital identities.

Smart Contract Development

Various industries use blockchain smart contracts, including e-commerce, banking, real estate, and supply chain management. You can use smart contracts for loan requests, intellectual property, insurance eligibility, foreign credit letters, and to create decentralized autonomous organizations.

Build the NFT market

Businesses can build their own protocol-specific, decentralized NFT marketplaces to trade, buy, and sell digital assets. We can mint multi-chain compatible NFTs with cross-chain marketplaces to solve the interoperability problem.

Metaverse development

We provide Metaverse development services for NFT marketplaces, social media, and 3D games using our expertise in blockchain, NFTs, and crypto development tools.

Blockchain Enterprise Solution

Create a blockchain solution that is everlasting by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

POC development

Our Blockchain experts help your team develop proofs of concept using Blockchain development technology to determine whether an idea is suitable for Blockchain development. We identify business use cases, analyze the right platforms, and design Blockchain architecture to begin the process of development and implementation.

Blockchain Technology

With our blockchain design team, we can build public and private blockchains, including custom tokens, individual nodes, and hash algorithms. Through our consensus protocols, we eliminate double-spending errors and the need for outdated third parties.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Being the leading service provider in Security Token Offering (STO), we have been helping professional investors invest securely and transparently while complying with the regulations. Our rich experience in STO can help you ride the next big wave of crypto-based investing.

DApp Development

We can build decentralized apps that deliver tangible results for your users, whether a new cryptocurrency or app. Our MVP Application consultant service includes MVP Development, Custom and Cloud Dapp Development, Dapp Porting, and Dapp Upgrades.

Wallets And Exchange Applications

As part of our managed blockchain services, we have blockchain wallet applications, exchange platforms, and browser apps. One of our things is developing apps that exchange cryptocurrency, generate public and private keys, enable online transactions, run ICOs, and analyze any block's hypermedia.

Blockchain Mining Solutions

We develop embedded Blockchain Systems to make distributed ledger technologies more secure. The data verification process is accelerated by implementing double-round hash verification in mining hardware and using application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Development

Our team can help you build ICO management platforms that make investor reporting easy, crowdfunding simple, crowd sales easy, KPI tracking easy, and community management easy.

Developing blockchain applications with our platforms


A group of open-source blockchains designed for building enterprise-grade blockchain applications


Programming, infrastructure, and testing tools for Ethereum-based decentralized applications that are secure, scalable, and reliable.


The Stellar platform connects people globally by enabling them to build financial products.


The Corda blockchain platform is open-source for businesses that use blockchain technology.


The open-source Polkadot blockchain network allows for interoperability and connectivity.


Acrylic graph DLT is the fastest, fairest, and most secure solution for building EMV-compatible, high-speed blockchain solutions.

What sets Interwork apart from other companies?

360-degree blockchain solution

We have proven experience in providing edge-to-edge blockchain solutions, including consultation, development, implementation, integration, and support.

Delivering CoE

We at Interwork have a dedicated Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) to assist with the development of Proofs of Concept on leading platforms, architecture frameworks, and technology checklists

Custom Blockchain Solutions

We develop Blockchain-based solutions that address unique business requirements and integrate seamlessly with third-parties.

Expertise across industries

Our expertise in Blockchain-powered solutions covers many industries, including global financial services, insurance, retail, and many others.

A client-centered approach

We aim to satisfy the client's needs. With that approach, we support Blockchain adoption, transition, integration issues, and test stability during the initial phases. Both time zones and process requirements are aligned seamlessly.

Innovative solutions

The Interwork team is pioneering blockchain technology that will drive your business forward.

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