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Cloud services are booming due to faster Internet access, a tougher economy, and virtualization and distributed computing advances. These factors have all contributed to the growth of cloud computing. By providing our customers with cloud computing services, we enable them to manage their hosted applications, services, and platforms according to their preferences.

When your company uses its local data centers, it will be able to respond to business needs more rapidly, enabling greater operational efficiency and facilitating greater business agility. Interwork is a leading company in IT, collaborating with the leading IT providers to develop flexible, secure, and technologically advanced computing infrastructures.

On the flip side, third-party logistics providers have difficulty tracking shipments across the supply chain in real-time due to different modes of transportation. When customers fail to comply with their commitment, they become unhappy, and revenue is lost.

Moreover, our Solutions built its cloud computing facilities to meet local cloud market needs based on the expertise and experience of its local customers and its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which makes them ideal for local cloud markets.

We Leverage All the Major Cloud Computing Models

Software-As-A-Service (SAAS)

The SaaS model offers cloud services, which allow third-party services to be deployed and software to be managed. This technology is generally familiar to most people.

Platform as a Service (PAAS)

The concept of PaaS is based on virtualization technology. Like most cloud services, PaaS enables clients to use operating systems and server software.

Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS)

A cloud computing service based on storage and networking capabilities is highly automated, scalable, and billed regularly.

Make the most of our cutting-edge cloud-managed services

We’ve got you covered if you need to move your existing software infrastructure to the cloud or build new cloud-based enterprise apps.

Cloud Consulting Services

Our cloud implementation experts analyze your business/solution needs, infrastructure, and desired functionality. We develop a cloud plan that includes many deployment options, integrations, and optimization options.

Migration to the Cloud

Whether you want your existing solutions in the cloud or want to move them to a new infrastructure, our developers can migrate them seamlessly. The cloud lets you scale anytime and run your applications on multiple platforms so that you can respond to ever-growing market demands.

Cloud-based Applications Development

Having developed cloud-based solutions for years, we can understand your needs and deliver what you're looking for. Using our microservices-enabled cloud solutions, we transform your tech infrastructure. We're powered by public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting.

Integration with the Cloud

With our strategic alliances with cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud, we can offer seamless cloud integration to businesses of all sizes. Using the best service platform, you can transform your technology infrastructure.

Integration with the Cloud

With our strategic alliances with cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud, we can offer seamless cloud integration to businesses of all sizes. Using the best service platform, you can transform your technology infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Our cloud management services help you find the right balance between virtual infrastructure and on-premises solutions. We use various automation solutions to ensure your cloud-based solutions run smoothly. Whether you need to add functionality, scale up your software, or maintain performance, we're here to help.

Cloud Maintenance & Support

Our software development tools and technologies are the best. Our AI-powered platforms and automation suites make maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical support easier. We keep your solutions running smoothly with a dedicated team of technicians and network engineers.

Our Expertise Is in Different Models for Cloud Computing

Public Cloud

Implement cloud-based hardware, software, virtual machines, infrastructure, storage, and security services controlled and managed by the cloud provider.

Private Cloud

You may also access compute resources remotely from a third-party provider or host them locally in your organization's data center.

Hybrid Cloud

Combining public and private clouds allows highly available resources to be provisioned and orchestrated based on the organization's needs and policies.


As part of single network architecture, distributed infrastructure, hardware, data, and applications are related to public and private cloud computing.

Our Methodology

A strategic approach to cloud computing is critical. Our services range from evaluating your current capabilities to implementing and supporting cloud solutions.

Testing & Evaluation

We begin by assessing your technical capabilities. Then we explore solutions that would suit your business.

Cloud architecture & planning

Following the first evaluation step, our cloud consultants provide a clear roadmap for cloud deployment.

Cloud deployment & execution

Once the architecture and planning is done, the other step we go through is about executing, migrating, and deploying your cloud solution.

Make it post-cloud

We continue to provide support after the cloud solution is deployed, ensuring the end-product works correctly.

Our Cloud Expertise

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With Amazon Web Services (AWS), businesses can deploy high-performance databases and virtual servers. We've built and deployed much software on AWS. You get low, predictable prices for enterprise computing with this cloud technology. We design scalable, secure, load-balanced, high-performance apps with AWS customization.

Microsoft Azure

The Azure Cloud Platform lets you move your apps to the cloud seamlessly. With Interwork, you can get strategic business value from cloud implementations. Move servers and apps to Azure Cloud to reduce infrastructure costs and improve performance. You can code on Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, XML, Ruby, iOS, Android, and Windows with Azure. For platform-independent cloud solutions, we customize this fastest-growing cloud service.

GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

Using Google Cloud Platform, you can do compute, storage, networking, application development, Big Data, and more. The same cloud infrastructure Google uses internally for Google Search, Photos, Gmail, YouTube, etc. We use Google Cloud's scalable, secure infrastructure to protect business relevance, improve customer experiences, and provide leading services. With our industry-leading approach, continuous innovation, and upskilling of digital talent, we provide leading services tailored to specific markets, but we can also help businesses make innovative decisions.

DevOps consulting

A big part of DevOps is adopting the cloud, integrating toolchains, collaborating, monitoring, and automating processes. With our end-to-end deployment, delivery pipelines, and continuous integration and development services, we ensure quick onboarding of applications across leading cloud platforms to ensure zero downtime. Also, Interwork’s containerized deployments are scalable, secure, and minimally impactful.

As one of the leaders in DevOps, we offer rapid software development pipelines, continuous integration, testing, deployment, remediation, and delivery pipelines. It is possible to simplify DevOps with containers, deploy applications quickly, and ensure scalability. Interwork’s operations and development teams focus on what matters most to our users.

Highlights of our DevOps consulting services

CI/CD pipelines

We deliver continuous deployment, development, integration, and testing through our DevOps consultants.


The concept of virtual machines is similar to that of hardware abstractions, and containers are similar to software abstractions. Containers include all the dependencies required for a containerized environment to function, so they become lightweight. With our help, you can implement containerization and save yourself money.

Criteria based on which we evaluate

We’ll evaluate the cloud providers we offer based on how well we help you reach your goals. Here are the main things we consider:


Our security measures and mechanisms are designed to protect your applications and data, and we ensure that each party understands its responsibilities and security goals. If you have any concerns about cloud security, you can ask specific and detailed questions.

Achieving compliance

We'll help you pick the right cloud platform to meet your compliance needs. Our goal is to ensure you know your responsibilities and where you can get compliance help. It doesn't matter if your data and apps are SOC 2, PCI DSS, or HIPAA.


We have different orchestration tools and integrations for each of our services, and you need to know what each platform requires of you. Before making a final decision, determine the amount of time and effort your team will need to manage the cloud infrastructure. With our cloud providers, you can easily integrate essential services into your company.


Another parameter we take into consideration is supported. How quickly and easily can we assist you? Sometimes our chat or call center is the only way to get assistance; perhaps that's not acceptable to you. You might also have access to a dedicated resource, which may be subject to time and access restrictions. It will help if you inquire about the level and cost of the additional assistance upfront.

Why is Interwork the best cloud solution?

Interwork can help your business develop a cloud computing strategy that will benefit your organization through our solution-based approach. Consider our industry-leading cloud solutions for these reasons:

Customer satisfaction

Our team develops user-friendly, scalable, secure, and new business solutions according to your requirements.

An Agile Process

We use an Agile methodology and hold frequent scrum meetings to optimize our processes and methods.

A dedicated team

We've a team of developers who deliver high-end business solutions using different frameworks and technologies.

An Agile Process

Each little detail of the project is given to you regularly, and any advice you may have is always considered.

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