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Addressing your technical & business challenges by streamlining Energy and Utility Processes in line with the changing paradigm.

The energy and utility industries are undergoing a technological revolution. It is no secret that IT solutions are helping to streamline operations and improve customer communication. With intelligent sensors and devices, machine learning can predict asset availability, and artificial intelligence can predict faults and help with smart devices. Consumers are responsible for ensuring their consumption is right. But providers still have to keep quality, availability, and reliability in place.

We at Interwork offer energy and utility companies a wide range of IT solutions, including real-time inventory access, logistics, surveillance, tracking, operations, and cost reductions for exploration, construction, and overhead. We cover oil, gas, power and utilities. The work is far from done in this industry, and infrastructure modernization is just the beginning.

To maintain revenue and customers, energy providers must provide retail-like experiences across multiple channels to meet today’s digitally savvy energy customers’ demands. Clients can contact Interwork to resolve common issues such as inefficient supply chains, aging IT infrastructures, and high operating costs. The technologies we employ to support our business energy solutions include Cloud, Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Mobility. Our enterprise energy management services and solutions protect data and applications on network-connected devices.

Industry-Specific IT Solutions for Energy and Utilities



With network-connected equipment, energy and utility organizations can monitor, automate, and analyze real-time information. We implement robust networks that can handle the growing number of devices and overwhelming data with the utmost security.


User-centric computing

Providing seamless applications with minimal management is essential for companies in the energy and utility sectors. Interwork's mobility solutions facilitate the delivery of seamless applications to these organizations. You can ensure high performance and scalability in your data center if you invest in converged infrastructure and flash storage.


Business continuity

Disaster recovery and business continuity experts assist organizations with developing and documenting disaster recovery plans that are mission-critical for energy and utility companies. Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions can minimize capital investments and operational headaches by implementing a secondary data center containing data replication and failover.

How Does Interwork Help Energy and Utility Companies?

The generation of power

The Interwork product line provides you with innovative and advanced software tools that support the sustainable operation of your business. We can assist you if you're designing a brand-new combined cycle plant, adding renewable energy, or improving an existing one.

Distribution and transmission

Interwork recognizes that nations are working hard to digitize transmission and distribution grids, maximize asset utilization, and modernize underlying automation infrastructure to ensure grid reliability.


Interwork's team will enable you to optimize your renewable energy generation core processes via our advanced software.

Business Segments

Supply and Generation

As utilities reshape their generation portfolios, they are reducing CAPEX and OPEX and incorporating renewable energy while maintaining profitability and reducing costs. Cyberattacks are causing much disruption within organizations, and they are occurring more frequently. Interwork's Engineering and IoT solutions enable companies to reduce carbon emissions by managing assets and running plants in real-time.

Distribution & Transmission

The utility power grids are becoming increasingly complex due to public policy, technology, and consumer expectations. Sensors, meters, and digital controls have been added to utility operations to enhance their digital intelligence. With the utility of the future, you'll get faster outages, less downtime, and better grid performance. They can automate, monitor, and control assets across their supply chain. Consumers can also manage their usage using this system. With our unique architectural approaches, methods, and tools, Interwork can meet the challenges posed by transmission and distribution and grid modernization.

Retail & Customer Service

Providing superior customer service increases the market share of utilities. Effective, integrated customer and channel management solutions are important to improving the digital customer experience. Our solutions and services are tailored toward multichannel customer engagement. Besides this, our solutions transform the customer experience for thousands of customers around the world.

Enterprise Digital Services

A slow pace of change makes it especially challenging for the utility sector to adapt to evolving business models and regulatory requirements. There is no denying that change will accelerate from this point forward. Several utilities are deciding whether to advance digital initiatives within their organizations. The key to digital innovation is reinventing the whole organization, not just isolated projects. Utilities must identify and set ambitious targets today. We offer Digital & Analytics services that guarantee end-to-end transformation. We bring consulting and implementation expertise to the table.

The Advantages of Interwork's Energy and Utility Solutions

Through innovative solutions, we assist businesses in the energy and utility sectors in becoming more resilient, agile, and dynamic. Our services can provide the following benefits:

At Interwork, we assist our clients in transforming their Energy and Utility businesses into digital businesses across borders and in India. Using newer technologies such as blockchains and the Internet of things, our company develops innovative solutions for Energy and Utility companies. Our domain experts have decades of experience converting a problem statement into a solution that can help you overcome the challenge.

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