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Modernise your legacy platforms and products, integrate them with your modern architecture and frameworks.

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The key to retaining your competitive edge is staying current. Keeping your business suites modern through perpetually evolving technology platforms and frameworks is vital to staying current. This does not mean you need to replace your existing business systems; instead, the existing platform can be integrated with new and emerging technologies. It will allow you to make the most of all the time, effort, and funds you have already invested in the project.

The custom reengineering framework from Interwork allows you to upgrade your legacy applications, products, and platform to take advantage of rapidly evolving technology. It takes a well-articulated blueprint to modernize legacy applications and optimize application portfolios. By leveraging our product & platform modernization solutions, you can improve customer engagement, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce impediments facing your business.

With our end-to-end portfolio of product & platform modernization services, you can transform your business and make it more scalable, agile, and future-proof. Our platform and product modernization services are based on our ability to integrate distinct capabilities accumulated over time. With agile and resilient product & platform modernization solutions, our experts assist you in achieving business growth while reducing transformation risk.

The Challenges

As product complexity increases over time, release cycles become longer for:

Product & Platform Modernization: A Practical Approach

By leveraging advanced tools, proven methodologies, and a customized approach, Interwork helps companies transform legacy applications into modern applications based on DevOps, Microservices, API encapsulation, and agile methods.

The approach to modernization depends on the problems you are trying to solve and the requirements you are trying to meet. With our product and platform modernization services, organizations can migrate effectively and with minimal disruption to concentrate on growing their business.

The fundamental element of our product & platform modernization process is assessing the existing system, identifying the problem, evaluating the risks and impacts, and selecting the best modernization option to maximize the benefits and effects.

The 7 best ways to modernize
legacy applications:


Our modernization specialists reduce unnecessary operational costs, reduce capital expenditures, and free up staff to focus on new strategic initiatives.


Evaluation of applications

Our business case for renewing existing applications is based on accurate knowledge of your legacy systems.

Business rules for mining

We provide business requirements from applications in natural or formal language.


We enhance your applications' functionality, allowing for easier maintenance and integrating them into a highly scalable framework.

Re-platforming services

Our team helps your apps run on cloud-based technology platforms that are more efficient and cost-effective.

Migrating services

Using rehosting, refactoring, digital decoupling, and containerization, we ensure that the application is migrated to a standards-based environment.

Is Interwork right for your IT needs?

Interwork has been a trusted partner for enterprises and in the last so many years. Our team of highly skilled resources across all levels and technologies, have been helping them in the following: –

Tech modernization

We offer modernization Services for upgrading old COBOL, RPG, and Pascal languages to newer and more secure versions.

Infrastructure restructuring

We provide our customers with scalable, reliable, and flexible IT infrastructure so they can work from anywhere and get 100% uptime.

Migrating to the cloud

By migrating to the cloud, we're lowering infrastructure costs, reducing time to market, increasing responsiveness, increasing scalability, and making it easier to access.

Modernizing UX

A dynamic, user-centric experience combines information architecture, device responsiveness, content contextualization, and customization to create a user-centric experience.

Transforming digitally

Organizations can digitize their business processes using Interwork Product and Platform modernization services with cloud computing, mobility, data analytics, AI/machine learning, automation, and digital marketing.

Streamlining data

As cloud migration specialists, we help businesses implement the current, real-time data essential to digital success.

Let Interwork modernize your products and platforms

Adaptable agile methods

Through agile methodologies, we build and re-engineer high-quality applications for various clients.

Streamlining your Go-To-Market

We make customized, high-performing, and highly focused software so that you can go to market faster.

Technology stack of the future

Threats and vulnerabilities in your system are identified and fixed, so all security risks are gone

User experience exclusively

You get a completely customized solution that meets your business and user needs. Our team monitors your customers' feedback and resolves any issues they have with your product.

Monitoring and tracking progress

We focus on delivering tangible results with our products. That way, we can measure your team's efficiency, compare improvements, and keep track of product quality.

Secure and robust applications

Our modern-age apps are robust, secure, and scalable to meet your evolving business needs.

Providing consistent software support

We ensure all our software applications run smoothly and your migration is seamless round the clock with our support team.

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