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Integrated Thinking and a designed oriented approach.

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As long as you continue to reduce costs using traditional methods, you will only be able to improve efficiency marginally. The Industry 4.0 revolution transforms manufacturing and delivering goods with industrial automation and flexible factories. To remain competitive, factory and warehouse operations must embrace digitalization and the industrial internet of things (IOT).

As industrial automation has automated many processes, wireless connectivity has dramatically increased its reach, allowing factories to be automated more than ever before. Automation of industrial processes will increase productivity and performance through the use of a digital foundation.

By going wireless and cutting the cord, industries will benefit greatly. Through wireless cellular connectivity, Industry 4.0 can enhance business outcomes more than even expected by the industry. Along with this, wireless cellular connectivity allows factories to quickly switch production lines to minimize the delay in the production process.

A holistic approach



Computers can help you run your business more efficiently by digitizing your core processes. We'll make your life easier with our speed and efficiency.


Connecting everything

Whatever your connectivity needs, we can help and provide robust communication solutions.


Easy accessibility

Our seamless visibility is enabled by integrating sensors that track processes and record alerts and status information in real-time.



Our transparent services enable you to make quick decisions and get a clear picture, giving you purposeful insights.


Predictions' role

Our machine learning expertise can give you future insights and predictive analysis, so you'll be prepared for anything.

What do we offer in Industry 4.0?

With Interwork scalable solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve with the latest tools and techniques.


Products with intelligence

Make intelligent, connected products that can share their location, usage level, and health information. You can use it to improve everything from logistics to R&D to product quality to customer service. With it, you can create new, service-based business models and anticipate what the customer needs.


Wireframes and design concepts

The manufacturing process is called smart factories or digital manufacturing when real-time data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are used. Intelligent factories are collecting and processing real-time data using sensors on equipment, giving manufacturers a 360-degree view of everything from suppliers to supply chains to equipment and manufacturing practices.


Invest in smart assets

Smart assets help make the supply chain more efficient and reduce downtime. With smart assets, technicians can monitor asset performance in real-time, prevent and mitigate downtime, do predictive and dynamic maintenance, use digital twin technology, and integrate assets into business processes. With the Interwork solution suite, you can onboard assets, optimize predictive maintenance and more.

Our Industry 4.0 solutions


Maintaining Predictability

Combine IoT sensors, cameras, and machine learning algorithms to predict failures.


Face-recognition software

You can automate access control with data protection by using image processing on the device.



You can upgrade your old machines to industry 4.0 by connecting them to the network and adding sensors.


QA automation

Artificial intelligence algorithms detect errors, disturbances, and unwanted stuff on the line.


Streamlining repetitive tasks

When you automate routine tasks, your employees can focus on more important things.

How does Technology drive industry 4.0?

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT plays a crucial role in smart factories. Machines on the factory floor have sensors that have IP addresses that they can use to connect with other web-enabled devices. You can collect, analyze, and exchange data through mechanization and connectivity.

Business Process Management

A business process management approach can help organizations align their business processes with the needs of their customers, and find out how to monitor, deploy, and measure their resources. By implementing BPM effectively, organizations can increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, minimize errors, and maximize results. BPM best practices contribute to a sound financial management system and provide an organization with a clear view of its achievements.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation can create value. With connected products, we'll be able to make better decisions about logistics and processes because we'll be able to see the whole picture. You can save money and increase production reliability by using automation in industrial applications. In general, automation is used for stuff that's hard to do by humans without getting hurt, isn't fun for them, and is easy to make mistakes in.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a must in Industry 4.0. Connecting engineering, supply chain, production, sales, distribution, and service is key to intelligent manufacturing, and that's possible with the cloud. Also, cloud computing makes storing and analyzing large amounts of data more efficient and cost-effective. Cloud computing can also help small and medium-sized businesses reduce startup costs.

AI and machine learning

Manufacturing companies can harness all the information they create, not just factory floor data. AI and machine learning let you automate and predict things. Industrial machines can break down during production. Companies can boost efficiency and uptime by using machine learning algorithms to predict maintenance.


Manufacturing companies haven't always considered cybersecurity and cyber-physical systems. However, factory or field-connected equipment (OT) also opens up new entry points for malicious attacks. IT and OT equipment should be considered when going digital with Industry 4.0.

Data Analytics & Big Data

With Industry 4.0, Big Data comes from everything from factory gear to IoT devices to ERP systems to CRM systems. Real-time analytics are applied to data in supply chain management using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Also, many of the technologies in Industry 4.0 are powered by big data. When you use more data, your effectiveness goes up.

Benefits of Interwork's Industry 4.0 solutions

Integrated thinking

We at Interwork provide scalable, sustainable, and integrated services using a holistic, industry-specific approach. Our goal is to identify growth opportunities for you based on your current state.

A comprehensive approach

Everything from industrial automation to data science and IoT is available through our solutions. Our software portfolio can transform your industry and add real value.


We provide retail, distribution, service, and manufacturing clients with industry-specific solutions.


With our experienced team, we deliver solutions that meet your needs, goals, and budget.

A precise approach

Keeping your success in mind is our primary focus. By defining and identifying your industry's use cases, we prioritize and define them accordingly.

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