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As AI/ML, cloud technology, IoT, and automation gets better and better, they give software and digital platforms new opportunities for innovation and differentiation. In parallel, companies face bottom-line pressure to increase revenue, speed up time to market, and reduce costs.

Interwork takes your product development journey from concept to completion. Through the combination of design thinking, agile, and DevOps best practices, we deliver an approach that’s flexible and tailored to your needs.

At Interwork, we’ve built platforms from scratch and worked with many industries. Throughout our software engineering engagements, Interwork adheres to best practices, enterprise agility frameworks, and technology enablers to help create digital products.

Platforms and Products: The Impact


Organizational Efficiency

With our next-level product engineering approach, we help enterprises speed up their digital transformation journey by enabling them to quickly and efficiently adopt an optimized modernization path quickly and efficiently.


Take a Product-Centric Approach

Through our services, enterprises can change their mindset, enabling them to concentrate more on results while continually improving their products.


Develop User-Friendly Digital Products

The foundation of our engineering process is design thinking and data, which results in truly world-class products.

Our Offerings and Solutions

Platform & Product Strategy

Using our design thinking framework and agile methodologies, we can assist you in generating breakthrough ideas and bringing them to life.

Engineered Products & Platforms

Our services will help you build next-gen software products and digital solutions using microservices architecture, API-led connectivity, design thinking, and automation.

Innovating Products

Our software product modernization services transform products and platforms and enhance efficiency, resilience, and security to enable next-generation digital experiences.

Our Process for Implementing Digital Platforms


Collecting and analyzing requirements


Wireframes and design concepts


A developmental process


Processes for quality assurance


Deployment & Launch

Our Platform Engineering and Product Development Services

Engineering key platforms

The platform mentality is the paradigm shift from product mentality to platform mentality based on APIs and ecosystems.

Product Development

Manage the development lifecycle for the base product, from roadmap design to build, test, deployment, maintenance, and support.

Enhancing Platforms

Promote partner ecosystems and revenue uplifts from platforms to get more adoption.

Device Engineering

Designing and developing software to optimize the performance of silicon, appliances, and embedded devices.

System Automation

We can assess the capabilities of your platform, analyze your business processes, and find automation opportunities. We automate manual processes and work-load for your teams through modern technologies like IoT, AI/ML, chatbots, etc.


Our DevOps team manages end-to-end engineering processes throughout the product development lifecycle, so teams can work together more effectively and deliver better infrastructure.

Auditing applications

Our comprehensive application audits give you a deeper understanding of user behavior. Our team helps you protect your data, implement CAPTCHAs and email verification systems, use encryption algorithms, and perform web application vulnerability scans to find security holes.

What makes us the right design consultant for you?


An unparalleled product design

As a software product and platform development leader, we always think of new ideas to create an eye-catching product design.


Invest in innovation

Digital engineering innovation is our thing, and we've been the ideal choice for the world's leading software companies.


An execution framework

We create next-generation software using design thinking, hackathons, and IP-driven accelerators.


Designing digital experiences

When you work with our digital experience team, you establish a brand that cares about its customers. Strategically, they're on the same page as us and have exceptional technical skills.


Design Thinking Approach and Process

The design thinking process and approach are a big part of our service proposition. Our strategy starts with the user. All the while, we keep your goals and expectations in mind. That's what makes us the best digital design partner.


Developing agile methods

Through our agile Process, we can understand your product requirements and make changes as we go. By adding new features quickly and frequently, we keep things predictable. We can get things done fast, and that's how we help you launch a tested product fast.

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