SeeREAL is an innovative blockchain solution helping Pharmaceutical Companies with Supply Chain Provenance. Pharma Supply Chain typically comprises of partners like manufacturers, re-packagers, 3PL providers, distributors, hospitals, retail outlets and finally the patient.

It is a highly transparent, single spine solution where manufacturers and state officials can verify and validate external vendors for uncompromised supply chain security. The solution allows documentation from lot-to-pack level information, including SNI, Transaction Information (TI), Transaction Statement (TS) & Transaction History (TH). It holds for all packages that are introduced into the drug supply chain.

It is a standard solution for all partners ranging from manufacturers to dispensers. The blockchain-based system is equipped with persistent notification and record-keeping system for easy detection of anomalies in transactions. It adds convenience in data fetching for monitoring authorities like USFDA, state officials, and international regulators. It is a highly transparent Blockchain-powered system that allows quick real-time transactions. The decentralized database documents transactions recorded and verified as per majority consensus management within various supply chain partners.

SeeREAL Key Features

Transparent Supply Chain Tracking

It is a blockchain-powered solution that is equipped with highly secured data transactions in a decentralized ledger. It helps you track drug lots in the drug supply chain with utmost efficiency.

Stakeholders Licensing and Verification

Every Stakeholder has to go through a registration process on the system and is preceded by multilevel verification for meeting licensing standards and verification by authorized supply chain partners and state officials.

DSCSA Compliant Database

USFDA has prescribed fool proof management of a database including SNI, Product Identification Information, Transaction Information, Transaction Statement, Transaction History. SeeREALTM does this with ease and seamlessly records all transactions with timestamps on an immutable distributed ledger.

Supply Chain Transaction Verification

Every time a drug lot is passed on from one supply chain partner to the other, the transaction is notified to all other suppliers and partners. It has to be verified by the exchanging parties through a real-time verification system within two business days (as prescribed by USFDA).

Anomaly-Based Notifications

There are chances of inconsistent data or mismatching product information along the passage of the supply chain. It is automatically notified through convenient notifications to all regulatory authorities and concerning supply chain partners.

Easy Data Management & Fetching

SeeREALTM felicitates easy data management and allows the regulatory authorities to fetch transactional data and lot information for any period between any two supply chain partners. Policing improves record keeping and helps regulatory authorities in functioning correctly.

SeeREAL Advantages


Single Source of Truth

The blockchain-powered solution for drug serialization and verification holds a single source of truth in the form of data records. It eases out the verification process from a regulatory standpoint.


Increase Trust

All the external suppliers and partners can be easily verified and enable effective elimination of drug counterfeiting and non-compliant vendors.


Immutable Transactions

The solution is powered with the capabilities of safe and immutable smart contracts. They hold all critical information about packages and also let partners document transactions without any risk.


Smart Contract-Driven Process

Smart contracts bring in a beneficial attribute of data immutability for critical transaction records and lot-level information of drugs introduced in the supply chain.


Real-Time Transactions and Simple Workflow

Real-time transactions allow drug suppliers and partners to verify the inflow and outflow of drug consignments, which ultimately leads to a simpler workflow. Partners can easily verify transactions initiated by a preceding partner as and when they confirm the received batch.



SeeREALTM is equipped with a decentralized ledger that lets you document all drug transactions in the form of data records maintained at all nodes of blockchain after verification.

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