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A combination of consumer expectations and technological advancements has led to a rapid evolution of the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and startups are all-embracing product and process changes and finding innovative ways to support autonomous vehicles, connectivity, electrification, and shared mobility. Interwork can assist them. You can rely on our industry experts to guide you through the complex challenges associated with the current and future industry standards and requirements.

Our consulting and training services are available throughout the product life cycle. We help customers navigate the sometimes complicated landscape of materials, components, and complete vehicles through industry standards and best practices.

Further, we help car sharing, car rental, and micro-mobility companies develop smart mobility solutions that people can use for better transportation, improve city infrastructure, and go about their daily lives. You can make your urban mobility solutions different with telematics, GPS tracking, traffic modeling, navigation, multimodal transit planning, and custom integration.

Let us help you ensure your new technologies meet market demands, so your customers are confident.

What do we do?

Partner with us to streamline your business processes, innovate and give your customers a seamless experience.

Improve Vehicle Intelligence

Our smart and comfortable solutions help ensure safe, comfortable, and sustainable mobility and autonomous driving, vehicle lifecycle management, safety, security, infotainment, and e-mobility

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Our team creates digital experiences to boost consumer interaction, including cross-channel commerce and marketing, data analytics, and personalization.

Boost Enterprise Efficiency

We're leveraging continuous intelligence to optimize business processes, including manufacturing 4.0, intelligent supply chains, and smarter dealer operations.

Enhance Smart Mobility Ecosystems

Using digital platforms and smart solutions, we reinvent urban mobility with shared mobility, fleet management, traffic management, parking, and charging.

Innovative approaches to bringing new ideas to the auto industry

Automotive and mobility have been improved and engineered for decades to keep people safe. The added functionality and security of connected, autonomous, and increasingly capable vehicles also have drawbacks, making control systems more complicated. We help OEMs, and component suppliers understand and comply with industry-wide regulations, OEM specifications, and local requirements from the earliest design stages to final production.

Whatever the industry, Interwork’s deep expertise aligns seamlessly with yours, from commercials and off-roads to electrified and micro-mobility. Our expertise helps longtime industry OEMs and suppliers navigate new technologies like LTE/5G, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-network, vehicle telematics, and infotainment. We also help startups and tech companies out.

We offer solutions for meeting the complex needs associated with existing industry expectations, plus new and growing demands, like cybersecurity, electric vehicle, autonomous driving technology, and sustainability. Interwork’s innovative solutions help you stay competitive throughout your product lifecycle while maintaining customer and brand loyalty.

Why team up with Interwork on Automotive & Urban Mobility Solutions?


Invest in long-term partnerships

Our primary objective is to help our clients and engineers develop their technical skills. Success depends on synergies that evolve based on trust. We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients by sharing their goals and surpassing their expectations.


Knowledge of the industry

With Interwork’s Centers of Excellence, we cultivate ecosystem provider partnerships, implement strong project management frameworks, and leverage industry best practices to help you thrive in a competitive environment.


Client-centered approach

We'll develop a customized solution for your business and your users. We develop service models tailored to your company's and your users' needs so that we can help you at every step of the technology journey.

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