Blockchain Application Development & Consulting Services

Blockchain Application Development & Consulting Services

There is a remarkable change in the Digital Era with the development of Blockchain Technology. Though it was primarily developed for cryptocurrency, its usefulness in other sectors or domains has enabled it to expand its reach. Within the IT sector, something similar is happening: Blockchain Application Development. Along with this, Blockchain Consulting Services go hand-in-hand. Let’s look at each of the services in detail.

Blockchain Application Development

Blockchain development took place on the basic principle of decentralization. It is a digital ledger that can store any type of data and share it between millions of systems worldwide. Due to the database being available worldwide, it is public and verifiable as it is on the Internet. Though in the case of closed-off data, the blockchain has a layer of authentication for permitted members who can modify and validate the data. This is known as Permissioned Blockchain.

Companies or businesses that require the development of Blockchain applications, can easily get it done from Interwork. Enterprises can fulfil their end-to-end automation and various other business requirements for a variety of industries with the best Blockchain Application. With this, businesses can enhance their performance of operational processes, lower cost, and eliminate third-party interference and technical roadblocks.

There are several Blockchain Application Development Services that we provide.

        1. Private Blockchain Solution

Every organization can have its personalized blockchain application developed for internal and private blockchain services. We offer a wide range of custom blockchain development services and relevant enterprise-grade implementations as well. Apart from that, we help you in maintaining your applications post-development.

       2. Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are digital contracts encoded within the blockchain. Two different parties need to keep up and agree with the details of the business contract. These contracts are very rigid and unalterable. This eliminates possible foul play and business conflicts between two anonymous parties.

       3. Blockchain Enterprise Solution

Permissioned Blockchain is the right technology for Enterprise Application Solutions. This allows a security and authentication barrier outside the access of the Blockchain Application Database. Only certain members have access and require to validate themselves upon entry. This allows enterprises to keep the details and permissions for blockchain data private to the company.

        4. B2B Supply Chain Management

The companies can build a distributed ledger capable of developing an application for reliable, accurate, and clean data transfer. This supply chain distributed ledger must have a fast transfer rate that is possible with the help of blockchain technologies. All of the details of the supply chain are effectively manageable with the high-end technology considered.

       5. PoC Development

The efficiency of the Proof of Concept Application Development can be remarkably improved with the help of our testing teams. We have worked with various SMEs and our enriching experience has laid the foundation for understanding the significance of PoC and gradually working towards developing the quickest PoC with the help of our various blockchain technologies.

      6. Digital Tokens

Digital Tokens are also called crypto tokens. It facilitates a real-world transaction. The transaction includes online money transfers and subscribing to services. There are mostly two blockchain technologies that offer the facility of Digital Tokens, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

      7. DApps

This refers to Decentralized Applications. We provide the following a decentralized, open-source, and incentivized set of protocols with DApps to leverage blockchain technology within your business and its foundation.

      8. Blockchain with IoT

IoT is the one area where Blockchain is the key candidate. With Blockchain technology, you can track billions of devices across the world and the respective transactions they carry out between any two. It also allows transaction processing and coordination between physical devices with IoT.

      9. ICO Launch

ICO App Development and launch opens a gateway for easy access to the blockchain application. We strategize and develop ICOs for all businesses like cryptocurrency startups.

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We have our dedicated and personalized Blockchain Application Development process:

  1. Blockchain Consulting: Understanding requirements
  2. Cost Estimating: Calculating development cost and timeline
  3. Developing and Deploying: Carrying out the building process and launch
  4. Maintenance: Enabling easy take-care of the built application
  5. Migrating & Updating: Shifting to relevant a server and carrying out updates

Blockchain Consulting Services

This refers to the process where our team of experts converse with clients (businesses in need of Blockchain Applications) and understand the requirements. Since we strongly believe in carrying out personalized development to give the best-utilized solution to an enterprise, we are quite thorough in our consultancy.

Blockchain is a technology that is quite new in the market and has yet to completely unfold. This makes it difficult for our clients to understand their usability, and applicability and makes it our responsibility to get them up-to-date with the available solution for their requirements. We help our customers to realize and identify the potential of Blockchain Applications within their organization.

We follow the following Consulting Process:

  1. Initial Understanding: Gathering requirements
  2. Evaluation of Scope: Potential Calculation
  3. Implementation Details: Outlining workflows and assessment points
  4. Technological Inputs: UI/UX, front and back-end technologies and implementation of blockchain technology

With Interwork, it will be easy for you to avail the best Blockchain Consulting Services.

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Interwork: The Best Blockchain Solution Provider

In the case of digital advancements, Interwork has proved to be a leading innovator with its out-of-the-box innovations and remarkable software solutions. Interwork has dipped its feet and gradually stepped entirely into several domains like Healthcare & Life Sciences, Urban Mobility, Aerospace & Defense, and Oil & Gas causing major technological innovations.

One such technological innovation by Interwork was in Blockchain Technology. We truly understand the effectiveness of this technology have worked with it to build superior industrial technical solutions for various businesses. We can help you navigate through your blockchain journey and you can trust our team consisting of industry-focussed domain experts and Blockchain evangelists, architects, developers, testers, and implementation experts.

With Interwork, every solution provided for your problems would be well thought of and tested to ensure maximum benefit for your services in your industry. This is exactly what Interwork hopes to achieve with Blockchain-based software being offered. You can get in touch with our experts to gather a deeper intellect in our procedures as well as products for all your industrial needs.

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