Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy

Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy – An Effort to Reduce Pollution Level in Delhi


Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy for the benefit of all drivers. As per this policy, the government will waive the road tax and the registration fee for electric vehicle owners. Added to that the incentive of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs would be provided for the new electric cars in Delhi. Furthermore, an incentive of up to Rs. 30,000 will be given for the electric 2-wheelers, autos, freight vehicles, and e-rickshaws.

You might wonder what this policy is truly introduced for. The primary reason for this was to tackle the alarming increase in the air pollution level in Delhi. The key target areas of the policy include the above-listed vehicles all of which are the prime contributors to the pollution. The policy also states that the government within the next 5 years will register nearly 5 lakh new Electric Vehicles in Delhi.

But how is this policy truly beneficial?


To gather information about the importance of the Delhi EV Policy, it is necessary to grasp its benefits in general. Let’s have a look.

  1. The government will sanction the availability of more than 5 lakh electric vehicles within the next 5 years.
  2. The government will provide very low-interest loans for those who wish to purchase commercial electric vehicles.
  3. In case of a loan for commercial EV, the government will waive off the loan as well.
  4. The government will set up about 200 charging stations in a year.
  5. The Delhi government will also give amazing incentives under the Electric Vehicle Policy.
  6. The government will also be setting up a State Electric Vehicle Board.
  7. The Delhi government has a purpose that will be achieved with the policy:
    1. Targeting at 25% EV by 2024
    2. Incentives and subsidy of up to Rs.30,000 on 2-wheelers, freight vehicles, and auto-rickshaws
    3. Up to 1.5 lakhs of subsidy on the cars
    4. E-buses provisions

These benefits of the policy are entirely financial and economic. But in the social sector, this policy is the apt solution for the increasing pollution in Delhi that has built a smog-like environment causing health and breathing issues.

Although this policy was launched, the implementation has its set of challenges.


This policy has its benefits and challenges, all of which affect the mobility of the underlying processes. Let’s see some of the major concerns of implementing the policy.

  1. In India, the electric vehicle market has the least penetration rates in the world. This means that the supply and demand chain is not balanced due to the lack of understanding about the new product and its benefits to the common man. So, meeting the timelines of EV applicability in society might be shaken by some duration give or take.
  2. One of the major roadblocks is the lack of supporting infrastructure in India. We do not have the necessary machines, equipment, and even knowledge to implement the EV setups.
  3. Also, India has a limitation related to developing affordable batteries. This is backed by the realization of true ability and knowledge that is required to meet the requirements of the perfect EVs.
  4. Some challenges from the Grid side also contribute towards becoming a hindrance to the successful implementation of the Delhi EV Policy.

Foundation of EV Implementation

When you have faced all challenges, understood all the benefits, and are ready to leap of faith into entering the void of EV manufacture, production, and Supply, you need to take into account some other foundation systems that support the process of EVs once in the market. We are talking about Smart Charging, Battery Swapping, and Billing Processes.

Since the world is moving towards better technical aspects and EVs pose an example of the level of advancement achieved, we need more. With Smart Charging, you are assured that your EVs will remain in control of your requirement. The charging stations will have a direct connection to EVs for charging at the same time the connection extends to the charging operator. This will help manage the optimization of power and you can remotely control the usage of your electric resources.

Just like a regular car needs fuel, your EVs need the power to run. One way is the charging stations which are at times inefficient due to the duration it needs to complete. You might not have that time and hence comes the facility of battery swapping. This is where you keep the spare and charged battery with you and swap it out with the existing one when the charging finishes.

Another thing that is needed is the Smart Billing Facility which is possible with ElektriVo-I which is a Blockchain-based charging, management, and billing platform. It connects everything with the cloud and ensures efficient billing and payment remotely.

ElektriVo for Next-Gen Smart EV Ecosystem

This is a Blockchain-based solution that provides an innovative aspect for the EV ecosystem. It integrates the Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Supply Chain along with EV charging platform, billing, and infrastructure setup.

In the case of ElektriVo M, the prime focus is on Manufacturing and Supply Chain where the digital transformation of processes takes place by directly connecting with suppliers and partners while streamlining planning to delivery phases of the development process.

ElektriVo I provide efficient and cost-effective smart and secure EV charging solutions through its various connections with infrastructure companies, power distribution sector, charging stations, and vehicle owners. This is completely about the power of Electric Vehicles.

These platforms are the highlight of the Electric Vehicle Policy and need to be in motion to ensure that EVs have their allies set in place before market launch.


We, at Interwork, provide a remarkable set of Blockchain-based solutions to match the pace of the ever-advancing technology. Our focus is to help with the successful implementation of the Delhi EV Policy where we can aid the respective stakeholders through our ElektriVo M and ElektriVo I platforms. Through these, we can help you strengthen your manufacturing process and supply chain while you can set up charging stations and encourage smart billing.

Our highly professional team consists of a set of innovators that believe in impacting the EV ecosystem to its core for the greater tomorrow. As a result, we strongly believe in letting go of the vehicles and fuels that have caused the level of pollution in Delhi to rise. Therefore, we are joining the Delhi government in their initiative to bring a change to our environment with smart reliable solutions.

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