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Helping you adopt an integrated approach across the value chains with Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Healthcare and life sciences companies must shift focus from volume to value and understand what drives consumers’ engagement. Consumers expect their health care and life sciences industries to be more transparent, easier to use, accessible, and responsive to their needs.

Improving brand value and market share is improving patient-caregiver communication, resolving issues, and improving adherence. Traditional fee-for-service models have become obsolete in favor of more patient-centric, value-based, and affordable models. Some new priorities, such as telehealth, patient engagement, and interoperability, require the industry to address them.

This is where Interwork, a reliable technology company serving the healthcare and life science sector, assists them in implementing next-generation approaches, including automation and modernization of applications. By combining IoT, digital, and SMAC (social, mobile, analytic, and cloud) technologies, we’ll be able to build cost-effective, lean, and agile connected digital health platforms.

We offer healthcare and life sciences solutions to meet the needs of payers, providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Our unique and digital solutions make healthcare seamless and affordable for our patients, enabling us to connect applications, infrastructure, and IoT devices.

Our Approach

We solve problems with a unique approach based on DDD (Discover-Design-Deliver).

A client can’t spend enough time with service providers on different phases of the problem-solving journey. Life sciences industry is looking for a more integrated approach that minimizes hops and maximizes productivity to shorten this process with a single provider.

Our three phases with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies are:



Our customer-centric and persona-based value discovery process goes beyond traditional value chains to identify consumer-level problems.



We use Design Thinking, a framework that uses empathy and tools to solve problems. It’s a way of delivering “Unique User Experiences” by combining rational, functional, and emotional needs.

It’s based on user needs, behaviors, constraints, and operating environments. Our Design thinking is powered by Automation, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. Through this approach, we reframe business problems and design a scalable, agile, user-centered platform.



We use a “platform-centric” and “as-a-service” delivery model. Also, we offer application development & maintenance and other business services.

We work with leading technology and product providers and have lots of experience collaborating with them. It’s an excellent opportunity for the Life Sciences industry to rethink its IT landscape and make it a next-generation platform for all crucial functions, like clinical platforms, connected healthcare platforms, and contract manufacturing and quality platforms.

Our Life Sciences Segments


Medical Equipment

Healthcare reforms and technology are driving a new generation of medical devices. Interwork helps top companies meet that demand, and our integrated portfolio of solutions helps businesses meet the requirements of stringent regulatory environments.


Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

We advise many of the biggest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world. Our team helps them manage global supply chains, bring more innovative drugs to market faster and at a lower cost, and keep up with challenging and changing regulations. With our intelligent digital platforms, cloud, data, automation, and AI, you can develop safer, more effective, and more affordable drugs.

Solutions That Will Help You Accelerate Your Innovations


Healthcare augmented solutions

Make e-healthcare better by embracing embedded intelligence. Our connectivity solutions and R&D engineering help you develop innovative medical technologies. With our extensive experience, we'll secure your connected devices and protect your patients' privacy too.


OT/IT convergence

Develop a standard information flow between your business operations and your manufacturing lines. Integrate information and operational technology with manufacturing data analytics and digital twins.


Regulatory affairs and quality assurance accelerated.

Take action in an ever-changing regulatory environment and speed up your medical device validation. Automate testing processes and implement efficient computerized validation systems with a quality assurance service.


Digitalization of the entire industry

Our end-to-end consulting approach unlocks new operative models opened by digitalization. At both the strategic and operational levels, our team inspires agile propositions

Our Services

Intuitive Analytics

Get the most out of structured and unstructured data with interactive visualizations. You can gain a competitive edge by leveraging Interwork's healthcare analytics expertise.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Interwork designs IOT solutions to make medical equipment and machines more productive. Using IoT, we collect real-time data and monitor inventory, supply chains, and quality management in real-time

Cloud Services

Interwork cloud services let hospitals, labs, and medical companies manage and access patient data remotely. We help you migrate legacy systems and applications to cloud-based ones for faster action.

Application and Services

In this digital transformation era, product manufacturers and designers use IoT technologies to get a competitive edge. Real-time data analysis software and devices can save customers and capital equipment manufacturers much money. With our industrial IoT solutions, you can boost your productivity, optimize your asset value, and streamline your supply chain.

Why Interwork?

Working with healthcare and life sciences companies gives us a deeper understanding of patient needs. Automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics help us transform operations and make better decisions.

Working with healthcare and life sciences companies gives us a deeper understanding of patient needs. Automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics help us transform operations and make better decisions.

Our developers are capable of addressing existing problems by converting them into solutions that address the present challenges and make them future-proof. Interwork is successful in building many research-based and quality Lifesciences and Healthcare Solutions.

Our product SeeREAL, a Blockchain-based Track and Trace Solution for Pharmaceutical companies, can bring all concerned stakeholders onto one Blockchain platform, creating transparency and trust in the supply chain.

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