Application Maintenance & Support Services

Application Maintenance & Support Services

An entire process of Development and Implementation of Software and Applications need to be followed by a relevant Application Maintenance & Support procedure. Every product delivered is incomplete without these crucial details as it needs to be reinvented and updated regularly to match the changing business needs. But understanding what this entails and ensuring that what you get is the optimum quality solution is a priority. Let’s discuss it.

What is Application Maintenance & Support?

Application Support & Maintenance includes several requirements and relevant skills to support application systems. Such requirements consist of troubleshooting, maintaining, altering, and reinventing legacy systems. This Application Support or Maintenance process is quite prevalent for the applications running in a productive environment.

Several services are inculcated within this:

  1. Designing
  2. Programming
  3. Research
  4. Loading and Implementing Changes
  5. Modifying reports
  6. Correcting software and applications errors
  7. Making application-based modifications
  8. Implementing maintenance changes
  9. Documenting changes
  10. Disaster recovery
  11. Testing
  12. Planning & Documentation
  13. Changes in Database and data sets
  14. Writing Ad Hoc Queries

Services for all these will be available 24X7 with Interwork experts and industry professionals.

Challenges for Effective Application Maintenance

Some of the challenges that an enterprise usually faces when it comes to delivering effective application maintenance services and application support services include:

  1. Setting up a solution for the lowering of support costs and total cost of ownership reduction
  2. Customizing the application support services and operations to meet the current demands of changing business needs
  3. Reducing the use of old systems for application maintenance service provisioning
  4. Availability of genuine talent with specific expertise for optimum maintenance services
  5. Keeping up with high-quality standards when it comes to application maintenance and support

Modification of applications according to changing business processes.

All these challenges are faced with steadfast resolve by Interwork experts who provide the best services to meet the demands of the changing times.

Benefits of Application Maintenance & Support

Having second thoughts? You might be able to decide if you know how these services can benefit you and your company.

  1. When you are ensuring that your Software Application Maintenance keeps going with time, you are enabling the process of Scalability and ensuring better prospects in the future.
  2. When you are maintaining your software application regularly, you are solving bugs, closing off vulnerabilities, and screening the application against all threats, thereby, making it secure.
  3. When you keep up with the support of an application, you are ensuring that you do not have to re-develop or buy your application from scratch once it\’s outdated. This will benefit in the long run by saving costs.
  4. Evolution enables a better future and software application support and maintenance services enable your application to evolve with time improving the customer satisfaction ratio.
  5. Peace of Mind is something worth ensuring and with regular maintenance in capable hands, you can forget about your application related problems for as long as it is feasible.

No legacy is capable of going forever and always needs to be upgraded. That is why Software Application Support is crucial for its safeguarding against the advancements.


Interwork is one such reliable service provides and Innovator, that has established a reputation of consistent consultancy and apt guidance. So, if you are unsure about maintenance services and need advice, Interwork is here for you. It’s a guarantee, that you will not be able to find shortcomings as the experts to are self-maintained in terms of the latest technologies and operations.

Here is a brief of what Interwork will provide under the Software Application Support services package.

Software Application Support services package.

1. Application Re-engineering

Using modern technologies and the latest methods, Interwork will transform the legacy systems to those fit for the latest business requirement, making your application stand strong in this advancing era. This will not only retain the value among customers, it will rather increase it over time.

2. Migration & Integration

Interwork helps in optimizing IT environments for greater productivity and better performance. This ensures seamless integration of infrastructure, data, business applications, and systems for a synchronized operation.

3. Technical Support

Interwork has a dedicated team that invests its time trying to find open backdoors and bugs in the application to modify its structure for better performance and security. This only adds value to the organization and delivers it in spades.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out more.

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