Database Migration Services

Database Migration Services

There might be situations that enterprises encounter with their current database provisions. For example, needing to save money with other platforms, missing a few features that other platforms are providing, outdated legacy systems, and so on. These situations can be taken care of with only one solution, Database Migration Services. It means to move your data from one platform to another in the hopes of meeting a better set of features at a much better rate and quality.

Benefits & Need for Database Migration

When you are pondering upon shifting to a new system, you look at the pros and cons to determine the effectiveness of taking such a major step. Here we can help you determine what factors will contribute to Database Migration Process and how it is going to be a beneficial step.

        1. Cost & Risk Reduction

When you have the opportunity to shift to a platform that offers everything or something better than the current system with greater security and at affordable rates, you would find yourself agreeing to the data migration process. This happens in case users wish to shift from an on-site database to a cloud for a reduction in infrastructure maintenance cost and risk factors.

        2. Advanced Software & Modernized Processes

It is no doubt a catch to find the next system to be better in terms of technicalities and quality along with functionalities as the speed of inventions and advancements is an all-time high. So, if this new package is attractive enough, you would surely shift your focus to database migration. Shifting from outdated systems to modern ones is always a treat worth receiving.

        3. Scalability & Industry Standards

Database Migration will enable you to improve the aspect of scalability and carry it out seamlessly with advanced tools. Additionally, the improved industrial standards for security and processing would enable flawless working.

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Database Migration Tools & Selection Criteria

Some Database Migration Tools can help you transfer your database smoothly and safely. They can be categorized under three heads:

        1. On-Premise

The Database Migration Tools in this case are preferred by enterprises (medium or large) having more stringent security measures and protocols. This is because on-premise tools allow database migration without the interference of the cloud. Some of the tools are IBM InfoSphere, Informatica PowerCenter, Microsoft SQL, Oracle Data Service Integrator, etc.

       2. Open Source

Some database professionals develop easy-to-use tools that are available at no cost or minimum. These tools are designed to be accessed all over the world for any type of database migration. Though these tools are quite specific, they often need expert hands to maintain and work with. Some tools are Apache NiFi, Flyway, Pentaho, etc.

       3. Cloud-Based

When businesses are dealing with humongous databases that require migration, they require the latest and best quality (fail-safe) database migration tools. Cloud-based tools are well known for their flexibility and power of operations due to which they are needed to handle large data amounts and types, reducing time and effort by a lot. Some examples of such tools are Alooma, Matillion, Snaplogic, etc.

These tools need to shortlist based on some criteria that meet the needs of database migration. Some of those criteria are:

  1. Type of tool (framework and language-dependent or independent)
  2. Cost of tool (in budget or based on requirements)
  3. Security inclusion (migration type is critical or regular)
  4. Data Model (schema blueprint and its connections)
  5. Data Transformation (normalization, optimization)

Once you have a clear idea of all of the above pointers, you can finalize a database migration tool that matches the criteria and suit you and your business the best.

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Interwork: Best Database Migration Services Provider

Interwork is an innovative software solution provider, that intends to aid users in solving their issues with intuitive technology solutions. It has dipped its feet in various domains providing solutions that have changed the face of innovation. But to understand why Interwork is truly the best services provider for database migration, have a look below.

1.  Affordable Package: Interwork offers the best services at the best prices.

2. Experienced Minds: With years of experience and professional exposure, the brilliant minds at work are at your service.

3. Security Protocols: Every bit of information will be kept confidential and no probability of leakage or loss is guaranteed.

  4. Prompt Delivery: No dilly-dallying, Interwork believes in quick delivery of services with no loss in time unnecessarily.

5. Superior Quality: No compromise is tolerated at Interwork. Every task performed is perfectly qualified in terms of quality.

6. Single Point of Contact: Customers would be in touch with a single entity and member of the services provider to ensure no repetition or loss of conversational sub-heads.

7. 24X7 Availability: Interwork has a team of experts, available at all times to solve your queries no matter which time zone you belong to.

With Interwork, you can achieve the best-performing Data Migration Services. So, get in touch with our experts today to discuss your plans and options over a cup of coffee. You will not be disappointed, that’s for sure!

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