Interwork Announces the Launch of ElektriVo – Unique and Patent Pending Blockchain Solutions for EV Ecosystem.

Noida, Jan 16, 2020 – Interwork, a new-age Software Solutions Company, focused on developing futuristic solutions to keep the organization relevant in the digital age, today unveiled ElektriVo, world’s first Decentralized Ecosystem for the EV Industry. ElektriVo delivers intelligent, real-time orchestration of the entire value chain of an EV Ecosystem with an innovative mix of Blockchain, IoT & Cloud.

The ElektriVo Decentralized Application has different modules that connect EV Manufacturers to their supply chain partners. It also brings together Battery Manufacturers, Battery Swapping Stations and integrates EV charging infrastructure companies with Power DISCOMS, Individual Charging Stations and end-users.

ElektriVo M enables manufactures to handle every nuance of their operation from Supply Chain Planning, Dealer & Service Management, Inventory of Vehicles & Spares, Tracking of Spares and Battery – all on one decentralized real-time ecosystem.

ElektriVo I is a smart & secure EV charging platform that enables machine-to-machine communication by integrating Battery Charging Devices and Charging Network Systems. ElektriVo I am a complete suite of charging infrastructure solutions that provides Smart Contract-Based Tariff Management System between all the stakeholders.

ElektriVo is a secure and scalable solution which provides a friction-less EV Supply Chain & Charging Infrastructure Management to stakeholders having out of the box solutions which includes:

  • A Blockchain and IoT integrated platform to meet the unique requirements of EV manufacturers for proactively managing real-time assets (VINs & BINs) and inventory management.
  • Support for flexible Smart Contract based Tariff Management Module to set up, modify, and edit the tariffs for DISCOM, Charging Stations and EV Owners/Drivers.
  • An innovative Battery Platform Support for EV and battery traceability in its entire lifetime for warranty management, battery swapping management and mitigating trust issues between EV driver, Swapping Stations and EV/ Battery Manufacturers.
  • EV Owner/ Driver App with incredible ease-of-use to seamlessly locate the nearest charging and/or swapping stations, get direction from his/her current location, manage to charge & swapping activities, Book Vehicle Servicing, Charging & Swapping history, etc. The App is also equipped with a feature of registering police complain and insurance claims in case of theft and fraud.

Vishnu Panda, founder & CEO of Interwork expressed the capability of ElektriVo as “ a revolution ready to revamp the auto sector” He said, “ we wanted to provide a state-of-the-art, unique intelligence-driven EV ecosystem of tomorrow that optimizes the Ecosystem to make it the most efficient and transparent proposition in the world.”

About Interwork

Interwork is an innovation-driven 21st-century software solution company, focused on leveraging emerging technologies like Blockchain to help organizations across the globe in their Digital Journey. Interwork’s ElektriVo integrates the entire EV value chain on a decentralized platform making the EV industry world’s most transparent, efficient, and optimized sector.

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