EV Vehicle Charging Station Software

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Software

Every innovation, every advancement, and every single technological piece being developed brings with it a hope of a better tomorrow. One such innovation took place when the automobile industry took a revolutionary turn with the development of Electric Vehicles.

With the coming up of Electric Vehicles, the focus has shifted to a dire need that will be the primary aid in keeping the system working; EV Charging Stations. While we have a huge amount of fuel-less vehicle production on the scope, there is a need for setting up Charging Stations to keep charging the batteries. That’s where a handy EV Charging Station Software will help you along the way. Let’ see how!

What is the EV Charging Station?

An electric vehicle charging station is an infrastructure responsible for electric energy provision to recharge the plug-in electric vehicles such as plug-in hybrids, neighborhood electric vehicles, and electric cars. These stations will be made easily available in the near future, just like the present-day petrol pumps, in common areas of every city.

There are numerous categories of EV Charging Stations. Let’s have a look!

  1. Residential EV Charging Stations

When an EV owner returns home, he/she may plug the standard convertible board charging wire in an outlet. This does not require separate provisions of meter and authentication but a dedicated charging port for fast charging.

  1. Parked Charging Stations

A parking garage owner may set up a partnership with private or commercial charging venture and provide either paid or free EV charging while the EV is parked. Some of the examples of this category are the provision of charging for employees within a company’s garage, shopping malls, and so on.

  1. Fast Charging in Public Stations

For those taking up long-distance trips, the rest stops would be employing this category of charging provisions to enable quick battery recharging.

  1. Quick Battery Swap

This provision allows owners to request battery swaps with complete charging in case of non-availability of dedicated EV Charging Stations. This can be carried out within minutes and saves a lot of time for long-distance commuters.

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Scope of Building EV Charging Stations Software

This decade has brought on numerous technological advancements on board that has in some way impacted society and provided a reliable solution to real-world problems. In a similar way, when you have Electric Vehicles on board and corresponding EV Charging Stations to keep EVs in working condition, then why not take this to the next level with EV Charging Station Software?

EV Charging Software provides a way for users to utilize their time even more efficiently by enabling easy and quick management and operations of EV charging stations. It provides a way for the users to keep a track of public charging stations accessed, amounts charged at each point, history of receipts, current receipts, tracing of nearest EV charging stations, quick online payment, and so on. A simple mobile application works as the user section of the entire EV charging software.

For the owners of EV Charging ventures and stations, this software is a great way to manage and operate the infrastructure. This single EV charging software can integrate the entire physical hardware with most EVs and track and utilize the data and statistics for overcoming downfalls. This has made it an efficient and must-have system; EV charging station software.

The Usefulness of EV Charging Station Management Software

Keeping the growing EV needs in mind, this EV charging management software was developed as a single operation board for all charging point operator demands. When the entire process of management becomes easier, it enables time-saving, remarkable service experience, and great reliability.

There are a number of remote tools available in the EV Charging Station Management Software ensuring optimal operations of charging stations and ultimate support from the accessed data and reports. These records include maintenance logs, user details, power usage (categorized) and detailed charging activity to store and respectively analyse. Additionally, it offers an option for quick online payments which is easy to access and utilize for smart charging transactions.

Following are some of the features that make this EV charging software (management system) a supremely preferable one:

  1. Maps: To enable an overview of the nearest stations with real-time status and provisions
  2. Dynamically setting up tariffs for each charging station and charger types
  3. Analysis of Charges: To provision detailed transaction reports and keep a track of charges at each station
  4. Adjustment Remotely: To allow remote settings adjustments and station maintenance without a physical presence
  5. Payment Portal: To include a quick payment process for users with relevant photos and description content to support the infrastructure
  6. All-in-one App: To enable fast access to all charging stations’ provisions through your mobile phone from anywhere

This ensures that ventures are on the hunt for the Management solution. After all, when you have such remarkable features available right in the palm of your hands, why let this opportunity slip by? Make every step of the EV charging station maintenance and operations a breeze with EV charging software/EV charging station management software.

Interwork: A Ray of Light

When it comes to digital advancements, Interwork has proved to be a leading innovator with its out-of-the-box innovations and software solutions. Interwork has dipped its feet and gradually stepped entirely into various domains like Urban Mobility, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, and Oil & Gas causing major technological innovations.

A need was recognized in the EV Ecosystem as well. Interwork has carved its name in the Automobile niche through its various Blockchain-based products today. Interwork has been providing Mobility with the best and utility-based technical solutions for the past several years now, with a team of future-overseeing innovators and professionally recognized developers.

You can be assured that with Interwork, every solution provided for your problems would be well thought of and tested to ensure maximum benefit for your services in your industry. This is exactly what Interwork’s ElektriVo hopes to achieve in the EV charging station software segment. You can get in touch with our experts to gather a deeper intellect in our procedures as well as products for all your EV Charging Software needs.

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