how smart solutions can fix urban mobility problems

How Smart Solutions can fix Urban Mobility Problems?

Introduction to Urban Mobility

Urban areas are quite complex. There are people and freight materials that need constant
commutation. This mobility has caused many problems in urban regions. One of the prime reasons
for the occurring problem is the lack of plenty of land and transportation means. The land is limited
and one track needs to accommodate the mobility of passengers and freight together. There are
several divisions of such mobility that includes:

1. Public transit is accessed by passengers to commute over specific areas of a city.

2. Personal transit that is a privilege to individuals who prefer their vehicle be it two, or four-
Wheeler. While some may look to personal vehicles, others prefer walking for satisfying their
need for mobility. Therefore, it is a choice.

3. Freight transit involves the mobility of materials, goods, personal items, manufacturing, or
production stuff between cities.

Developments in the transits have increased mobility options and therefore brought upon a drastic
rise to urban mobility. This does not only include local mobility options but also long distances. In all,
with the rising options, population, vehicles, transportation modes, ease of available options,
and even improvement in means of travel, the urban areas are seeing an evolutionary rise in urban
mobility that is shaking the Earth with its dominance.

Challenges in the Urban Mobility

With the rise in urban mobility and transportation options, there is a big drawback that can be seen
with the impact it brings to the urban environment. It brings with it pollution and congestion both of
which are not beneficial to the urban population in any way. Rather it has its implications. Some
challenges are encountered with urban mobility:

1. Traffic and congestion

The urban community is having a hard time managing the increasing number of commuters
especially if they have a similar number of private transit options. Even in the case of public transit,
there are issues of congestion due to overloading. The problems increase with the use of more four-
wheelers instead of two-wheelers.

2. Increasing crowds in public transit

This includes overcrowding in metros, trains, and other public transportation options. This is most
problematic during peak hours.

3. Off-peak mobility management

In the case of peak hour, due to a greater number of commuters, transit options increase to
accommodate. But at off-peak hours, the transit owners suffer financial losses due to slow and
nearly empty vehicles.

4. Pedestrians Issues

Increased traffic and irresponsible speeds have led to a decrease in the number of pedestrians due
to safety issues. This in turn has been the cause of an increased number of vehicles on roads.

5. Environmental Issues and Energy Consumption

The greater use of vehicles has been causing pollution and noise. The carbon footprint has been
increasing drastically consuming excessive energy from savings.

6. Safety and Accidents

Urban areas are giving rise to more vehicles and transit traffic. This has become the cause of
increasing accidents and fatalities. The highest prone fatality is of pedestrians followed by car
crashes and bike slides.


Smart Solution to the Rescue

These issues above can be overcome with smart solutions being adopted today by smart urban

cities. The Smart Transportation System ensures sound management of traffic and mobility options.
It has the following features:

1. Public Transit Management

It is encouraged to utilize public transportation more. This can be helpful as the real-time data
the analysis is being utilized to present information on optimum routes, response to delays, emergency
rerouting, and informing smart passengers.

2. Route Information

This system is a revolutionary solution that enables users to map the route and choose the best
mode of commute. This is possible with real-time traffic and transport information, trip duration,
and alternate route recommendations.

3. Vehicle and Safety Control

This involves IoT-based monitoring of roads and vehicle performance to warn the driver about the
impending risk or upcoming collisions through advanced sensing.

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How Interwork Provides the Best Solution

Interwork is a highly innovative software solutions provider having an out-of-the-box approach to
every challenge. It has been leveraging the latest technology to solve the issues of the community
such as that of Urban Mobility. With the entire team of professionals looking to bring about a
positive change in this sphere, they are dedicatedly working towards Smart Urban Mobility Solution.
The work has been going on in the following sub-spheres:

1. Data-Sharing Platform

This ensures that every real-time data collected is shared among users with the guarantee of safety
and integrity. Since, data is the core of the E-Mobility sphere, the management of data is a prime
concern along with its privacy.

2. E-Mobility

Interwork is working towards reducing carbon emissions by enabling the E-Mobility program. It has
been ensuring the provision and supply of Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure to contribute to the cause. With all the technologies, policies, procedures, and adoption rules of methods, a robust E-
mobility platform can be envisioned.

3. Technology

Interwork is dedicated to looking into collaborating on the best features of the Smart Mobility Solution.
These technologies include IoT sensor infrastructure, emergency e-call vehicle service, and mobility
marketplace. Their combination with their utility is exactly what we are looking forward to.

Therefore, Smart Cities have various ways in which they can solve their urban mobility issues. But
this requires investment in terms of monetary, time, manpower, and commitment towards a global
improvement. It is all about making use of the resources available to you at the moment. The best
resource is technology, the answer to solving Urban Mobility Solution is right here. Interwork
banks on that to make the dream a reality.

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