The Most Innovative Things are Happening With Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization

The Most Innovative Things are Happening With Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization

The Dynamic Duo: Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization 

The US Congress has enacted the drug supply chain security act 2013. Since then, technology businesses have aggressively explored all possible permutations and combinations of technology. The objective has been to build solutions to build a highly reliable system that closely works to help companies seamlessly scale without worrying about DSCSA serialization compliance.

The motive behind Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization is to counter increasing time-material costs of supply chain operations, restricted supplies due to the productivity of employees, and excessively increase turnaround time in fulfilling requirements at the bulk level in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Ultimately, a sustainable Solution of Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization has turned out to be the most beneficial one. Let us see how.

Innovations with Blockchain for DSCSA Drugs Serialization

While there are some changes to the Blockchain for Drug Serialization for DSCSA, the most primitive ones are:

A Single Solution, Double Purpose

One of the significant problems is that it is not able to seamlessly integrate with existing technology resources. Blockchain is capable of offering an all-around supply chain management solution instead of just focusing on Blockchain for DSCSA Serialization requirements. If the adoption of Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization is Strategic, it offers the completeness of solutions for long-term stellar growth.

Multi-stakeholder operations

Other solutions just offer convincing answers to one, two, or a maximum of three stakeholders who are the primary supply chain partners. But according to US FDA, DSCSA serialization requires a top-notch level of communication in a highly secured environment for efficiently curbing drug counterfeiting. The dire need for enhancing drug track and trace capability is promoting Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization.

Best use of a Decentralized Database

A Blockchain for DSCSA Serialization offers a decentralized database accessible to all supply chain partners enhancing Blockchain-Based Drug Track and Trace. It also comes with an added innovation which lets regulatory bodies and US FDA regulators conveniently fetch the transacting drug lot database from any timeline during the passage of the lots between any two supply chain partners.

Counterfeit Detection System

The newest innovations in the blockchain for DSCSA drug serialization make blockchain-based drug track and trace solutions highly capable of implementing improve counterfeit detection systems. Any discrepancies or non-uniformity is in redirected transactions from different stakeholders down the line of all Pharma supply chains critically flagged for scrutiny by supply chain partners and regulatory bodies.

Real-Time Transaction and Notification System

Blockchain-Based Drug Track and Trace has greatly innovated to make life easier for major Pharma supply chain partners in the US market. They are doing so by helping suppliers and partners receive notifications of all transactions anywhere in the supply chain, which they can acknowledge after verification with all serialization relevant data. These notifications are capable of driving the positive attention of all regulatory bodies and supply chain partners to leave no scope for uncontrolled introduction of counterfeit into the mainstream supply chain.

Seamless Database Migration & Adoption

Innovative use of Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization opens up the unlimited scope of migration and adoption of a new database as per DSCSA serialization standards. According to the DSCSA, all suppliers and partners are expected to maintain a highly active database, including all details like:


What to Expect From the Future?

  • Supply chain components like third-party verification
  • The localization of a database copy
  • Integration scenarios like ERP-SCM
  • Data interoperability
  • AI-IoT-based systems for warehousing, counterfeit, SCM operations


As the essential deadline for DSCSA’s full completion of serialization infrastructure set-up nears, Blockchain-Based Drug Track and Trace will become an inevitable part of the US-based pharmaceutical supply chain management business. Businesses that will pay the required attention to proper efforts with Blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization with the right blockchain-based drug track and track solution will reach excellent benefits with an unbeatable advantage over others. In the future, USFDA takes strict measures and issue sanctions for tightening the screws on drug counterfeiting in the upcoming years.

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