The need of the hour- Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software

The need of the hour- Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software

Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software options in 2019

According to statistics, about 60% of US-based firms in supply chain partners have successfully initiated giant strides to go to the adoption of a drug supply chain security and software. As a majority of the pharmaceutical market shifts towards blockchain-based DSCSA software, entities failing to adopt or showing reluctance in adoption of an effective drug supply chain security and the software will face unintentional exclusion. It will also have direct repercussions on business relations, ease of scaling of the pharma supply chain market, and compliance tasks. Yes, it is the need of the hour to start using Drugs Supply Chain Security Act Software by 2020.

Ten Indisputable reasons to buy a DSCSA Software

No Serialization means no business
(Compliance Compulsion)

DSCSA is the second title under DQSA, as acted by US Congress in November 2013. It is important to note that US-based pharma supply chain partners failing to comply with DSCSA will not be permitted to carry out operations in the mainstream. It is also going to cause a significant slowdown in business followed by DSCSA non-compliance penalties, which may extend up to an indefinite suspension of operations.

Non-Compliance Causes Penalties
(DQSA, DSCSA Serialization)

DSCSA Serialization Compliance has huge liabilities, which the US FDA expects every supply chain partner to fulfil. These include lot-to-package level serialization and acknowledgement of drug lot transactions as and when required alongside accessible data fetching capabilities for regulatory audits and regulatory bodies. Dynamic supply chain businesses looking to scale into markets find it difficult, and DSCSA Software is a must to avoid any penalties.

Single Solution for all Stakeholders

(No hassle, Complete Transparency)

All US-based firms in supply chain partners are advised to adopt a Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software. It can bring all supply chain partners in an ecosystem, including manufacturers, repackagers, wholesalers, dispensers, third-party logistics partners, and retailers onto a single system for highly transparent compliance solutions. The shared environment is a must for broadcasting communication and counterfeit detection, and consensus management system is beneficial in such a scenario.

Decentralized to the core
(Same Database, Multiple Copies)

A highly decentralized database which records all supply chain transactions in the form of immutable records or smart contracts is a must. Leading DSCSA software is everything the centralized database for highly transparent supply chain management channels supporting real-time transactions.

Anomaly Detection
(100% Counterfeit Tracking)

All leading Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software is enabled with a foolproof and only detection system that offers a hundred percent coverage with counterfeit tracking. Any discrepancies in data or detected anomalies are raised as flag notifications to all supply chain partners and regulatory authorities for convenient checking and immediate tracking and traceability in case of any counterfeit, or stolen drugs.

Higher Profitability
(No Counterfeits)

It is a great advantage of using robust DSCSA Software that a reduced number of counterfeit drug lots exponentially increases profitability. Every year a loss of up to $3 billion is reported due to counterfeit drugs that are illegally introduced into the branded supply chain, causing a loss of reputation and profit to pharmaceutical companies.

A lot to package level Serialization
(2D bar code carrying its National Drug Code, a unique serial number to that NDC, the lot number, and expiration date )

DSCSA Serialization Compliance requires all medicine packages up to the lowest saleable level to carry an aggregated information label, including all the relevant and prescribed information including GTIN, lot number, expiry date, and global drug code. A DSCSA Software helps you manage the inflow and outflow of a highly scalable database as drug lots pass through the supply chain with complete security and ease.

80% of Business Accounting Vanishes
(Highly Adaptive and DSCSA-Oriented Database Model)

Turn on the best benefits of avoiding the DSCSA Drug Serialization Compliances that replicate a lot of the internal business tasks that are required for accounting and general business processes for any pharmaceutical supply chain partner. It is a great idea to opt for highly secured, robust DSCSA software that has functionalities which abide by the requirements of information passage across supply chain partners in real-time transactions.

Sustainable Data-Driven Culture
(Scope for Analytics, Other Technologies)

Using DSCSA Software automatically increases the ability to systematically document supply chain transactions and all the information on the accounts of drugs that passed through the supply chain. It also includes the logistics and sales and manufacturing business figures, which are documented correctly over A long period. You can conveniently use this data in different views for building a data-driven culture and an increasing scope of analytics that makes a supply chain business more profitable with an extensive possibility of new-age technology adoption in the future. Using Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software is bound to keep you on your toes with all the technological updates.

Higher productivity
(Highly Automated, Regulated Supply Chain Transitions)

When all the information is governed by a single source of truth that keeps on passing from one supply chain to another on a decent realize database, DSCSA Software is bound to shoot a supply chain business productivity. Automated accounting and anomaly detection for the count to feature stores and drugs increases the product of productivity profit exponentially.


DSCSA Serialization can plan shouldn’t be taken as a burden but yardstick to help your business pedal through technologically advanced business processes and compliance with global standards. A leading Drug Supply Chain Security Act Software is of great use in solving all problems with blockchain for DSCSA Drug Serialization Solution.

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